rolfball in austin tx


1. Each game is played to 21 points on the condition one team wins by 2 points.

2. You CAN lose the game on a serve.

3. You must serve underhand or with your foot behind the white line in the middle of the court.

4. You can serve over hand at the back of the court in the middle, behind the
white line having bounced the ball first.

5. Rolfball may hit the net on the serve, no reserve necessary.

6. The ball must bounce first before being hit.

7. If a player is hit with the ball before it bounces or touches the ball before it bounces its call a ‘rolf’ and the ball it pronounced dead and one point is given to the opposing team.

8. The ball can bounce and be hit up to 3 times before being returned.

9. If the ball bounces or is hit more than 3 times per side the ball is pronounced dead and one point is given to the opposing team.

10. The ball must be served into the first 2 rectangles on the opposing team’s side, if the serve does not make it over the net, or goes out of bounds on the opposing team’s side that ball is pronounced dead, one point will be added to the other team, but continue out the play with the other ball.

11. The ball my be touched with any part of the players body and remain a live ball, as long a it bounced off the ground first.

12. When both balls collide in the air and hit each other, the 3 hit rule resets and both ball are live.

13. The ball may be played off the fence; you must hit the ball over to the opposing side or set it before the ball bounces.

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